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Chronovenice collaborates with companies all over the world to create its own line of watches, both by personalizing them with the logo in all parts of the watch, and by creating customized models according to needs and requests. Our qualified staff is ready to answer any questions or requests for assistance.

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Customizable smartwatches

Under the pressure of a rapidly expanding market, smart devices are increasingly affirming themselves in everyday life. With this awareness, Chronovenice offers you a vast catalog of smartwaches and smartbands to customize. The Chronovenice experience is at your disposal to guide you in the creation of your own line of smart watches customized with your logo, whether they are for a line of watches intended for sale in your store or for a corporate gift, such as an anniversary or an event. important.

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What is a designer watch?
it is as we like to call the clock made by you, exactly as if it were an author's canvas. In fact, Chronovenice offers you everything you need to create your work of art and make a watch that is unique in the world.

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A breve l’uscita del modello Tokyo, cronografo in acciaio equipaggiato con il calibro giapponese VD55 della Time Module, con contatore dei decimi di secondo. Sarà disponibile in due varianti quadrante: nero lucido con pattern geometrico e full lume per una lettura ottimale anche in condizioni di scarsa luminosità. Oltre alle versioni con bracciale in acciaio, saranno disponibili anche quelle con cinturino in silicone morbido. Disponibile da febbraio 2022, è possibile preordinarlo sul nostro sito.

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