With 30 years of experience in this sector, our company provides you with all the tools to customize the watches in our vast catalog according to your needs and tastes.

In fact, a fundamental part of our work is to obtain, through personalization, perfectly representative products for our customers, whether they are individuals, companies, clubs or even institutions. From conception to after-sales, we follow you by putting our experience and our professionalism at your service to obtain not only a product designed on you to the point that we would dare to say tailor-made, but also to give you a complete sales experience. In fact, we provide you with a wide range of tools, such as packaging customization, which enriches the idea of the product so that those who receive it are positively involved in the message of the person or company that gives or sells it.

Customizable parts of the watch


Generally, the customizable parts of the watch are: case, dial, crown, back, strap and relative buckle. The parts in steel, rubber or silicone are engraved with high precision industrial lasers, for a rendering of the highest quality and sharpness of customizations. The branding of the leather straps, capable of giving greater class and uniqueness to the watch, is performed hot using special punches both on the lining and on the outside.

However, our pride is the rich customization possibilities of the dials. Our printing techniques, from pad printing to digital, allow us to print even very small graphics with great precision and with a very high level of detail rendering. Our thirty years of experience makes us points of reference, for example in the reproduction of heraldic coats of arms, such as those of the armed forces or police, which have meticulous details and many colors.


We also put our graphics department at your disposal to help you with the adaptation of graphics and logos and with their reworking for printing or engraving purposes. Through it we provide you with the graphic drafts with the artwork of the finished products for your approval, and if necessary we go further to give you photos and product renders to upload directly to your e-commerce.

Precision, passion and love for detail are the pillars of our work. All this you can find here with us in Chronovenice. Sometimes we like to call ourselves the tattoo artists of the clock: a special meaning, an indelible mark; A real WATCH ART.